AniRevo: Winter

AniRevo: Winter is an annual convention run by Anime Rvolution in January. In its first year the convention will be a small 1-day event but Anime Revolution intends to grow it into a full 3-day convention in the future.

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J-Fest is an annual 1-day mini convention run by Anime Evolution midway between the annual AE conventions. The event usually runs sometime around March in the Nikkei National Museum.

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Fan Expo Vancouver

Fan Expo Vancouver is a convention that typically takes place in April in the Vancouver Convention Center. The convention is not dedicated to but does include anime.

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Northwest Fan Fest

Northwest Fan Fest (NWFF) is an annual 3-day anime convention celebrating all fandom, including anime, video games, and more.

NWFF 2015 will take place in May at New Westminster’s Anvil Centre

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SFU Summer Festival

The SFU Summer Festival is an event hosted outside in the SFU Burnaby Campus’s Convocation Mall by SFU Anime typically sometime in June or July. Many of the artists at conventions show up at the festival, along with “matsuri” style games and stage events.

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Minicomi is an annual 1-day event typically run sometime during July in Olympic Village. The event focuses on promoting local artists and attracts a number of the artists that go to conventions. The event is free to attend.

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Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo

The Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo is a parade and vendor expo that takes place around the end of October. It is not dedicated to anime but a third of the expo’s cosplayers and vendors are anime related and they have anime related guests.

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Akimatsuri is an annual 1-day mini convention run by Anime Evolution in the late fall or winter. It includes many of the events traditionally at Anime Evolution on a smaller scale.

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